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  ZhongNan Corp, located in Xin Hui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong province, was founded in 1993. It is a private enterprise with the service of oil storage, sales and operation of petroleum, chemical, and Industry oil. We have massive financial strength, and with more than ten years history. Our company is located in Jiangmen City in the Pearl Delta. Xin Hui district is near Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Zhongshan, and is the transport junction of Guangdong, connecting east and west Guangdong. ZhongNan Corp holds the principles of “Develop our main products, being pragmatic and seek development”. We put human at the first place, technology as motives, and we bear the concepts of competition and open minded. We hold the development strategy of enlarging our resources, expanding our market, lowering down the cost and improving efficiency. Our business objective is to maximize our profit. The operation system we hold is strength the external market and internal process flow. The operation principle we hold is standardization, preciseness, and integrity. We aim at building ZhongNan Corp into a corporation which has its unique main products, good assets, innovative techniques, scientific management, precise finance, and with highly competitiveness.
  The main business of ZhongNan Corp includes oil storage, sales and operation of petroleum and chemicals, auto car decoration, and other chemical products, commodities, hardware, steels, etc. Now we have more than 10 terminal sales chain gas station, gas chain supply station, and oil storage warehouse. Our major market is located in Jiangmen, and also in the whole country. We stick the principle of “open to market, delight customers”. We build our own brand, and push out profit. We have high quality management and technical team, and strong sales network. We have built standardized corporation management system, which we exercise centralized decision, management by grade, and professional operation. We are now a member of the China Commercial United Committee, China Commercial United Petroleum Circulation Committee, Guangdong Province Petroleum Institute, Jiangmen Petroleum Institute, and China Gas Station Network.

  ZhongNan Corp owns wide-ranging terminal sales chain gas stations, and gas chain supply stations in both the urban and rural areas. We have the oil storage warehouse, professional technical human resources, rich business experience and concepts, and strong sales network. Main business: chemical energy products like gasoline, diesel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic pressure oil, oxygen, acetylene, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, calcium carbide, and mix gas, etc. Subsidiary products: commodities, hardware, machine spare parts, steel, etc.
  1. Profound researching strength
  2. Advanced testing facilities and equipments
  3. Perfect quality management process
  4. Stable and excellent quality of the product

  ZhongNan Corp sticks the service principle of Integrity. We offer service to many industries and all individuals. Our service principle is “Integrity, dedication, and enterprising”. We have good professional ethics, excellent business credit, high quality products, and perfect after-sales service. We offer service to the society, as well as to our staffs. We build our own brand by putting our human first, pursuing excellence, and sticking the scientific development concept. We push the new phase of ZhongNan, and push the market into win-win development.

  The year 2008 is a stable and developing year of ZhongNan Corp. We will work hard, embrace innovation, and be pragmatic, more active for mutual communication and cooperation. We seek development through informationization. We take root in Jiangmen, and radiates whole China. We have 3 strengths: good facilities, advanced operation and management style, clear market strategy and position. We help the internationalization of the young and diversity products branches. We aim at building the ZhongNan Corp to be the big company in the China petrol sales industry.

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